APF51 FPGA-IMX interface description

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This article describe the interface between the i.MX51 and the Spartan6 on APF51. Documentation of i.MX interface can be found in the i.MX reference manual, chapter 63, «Wireless External Interface Module (WEIM)».


The detailed electronic schematics of APF51 FPGA interface can be found on this document page 15.

Signals used in the design are:

  • BCLK: bus clock.
  • EB[2]: Those active-low output signals indicate active data bytes for the current access. They may be configured to assert for write cycles only.
  • CS2: Chip select 1 corresponding to address B800_0000
  • CS1: Chip select 2 corresponding to address C000_0000
  • LBA: Noted ADV in reference manual.
  • DA[16]: Address/Data multiplexed bus.
  • CLK0: General clock for FPGA, generated by the i.MX51
  • OE: Read signal
  • RW: Read/Write signal
  • DTACK: used as a data ack. signal for single async. accesses.
  • WAIT: For burst mode, asserted when slave is busy.