APF6 SP hirose pinout

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This page show pin that are availables on apf6_sp hirose connector.


Pin colored in red are plugged on apf6sp hirose connector:

pinout du C4

Pins table

Hirose dir Ball Bank Bank_xx Bitec HSMC daughter board
CLKIN0 Input PIN_T10 3B B3B_N0
CLKIN_1N Input PIN_R9 3B B3B_N0
CLKIN_1P Input PIN_P9 3B B3B_N0
CLKIN_2N Input PIN_R15 4A B4A_N0
CLKIN_2P Input PIN_T15 4A B4A_N0
CLKOUT0 Output PIN_R10 3B B3B_N0
CLKOUT_1N Output PIN_G17 5B B5B_N0
CLKOUT_1P Output PIN_G18 5B B5B_N0
CLKOUT_2N Output PIN_AB22 4A B4A_N0 D79
CLKOUT_2P Output PIN_AA22 4A B4A_N0 D77
D0 Output PIN_M10 3B B3B_N0
D1 Input PIN_K15 5B B5B_N0
D2 Output PIN_L9 3B B3B_N0
D3 Input PIN_L15 5B B5B_N0
LVDS_RX_N0 Input PIN_AA9 3B B3B_N0
LVDS_RX_P0 Input PIN_Y9 3B B3B_N0
LVDS_RX_N1 Input PIN_U10 3B B3B_N0
LVDS_RX_P1 Input PIN_U11 3B B3B_N0
LVDS_RX_N2 Input PIN_U8 3B B3B_N0
LVDS_RX_P2 Input PIN_V9 3B B3B_N0
LVDS_RX_N3 Input PIN_U12 4A B4A_N0
LVDS_RX_P3 Input PIN_T12 4A B4A_N0
LVDS_RX_N4 Input PIN_W13 4A B4A_N0
LVDS_RX_P4 Input PIN_V13 4A B4A_N0
LVDS_RX_N5 Input PIN_W12 4A B4A_N0
LVDS_RX_P5 Input PIN_Y12 4A B4A_N0
LVDS_RX_N6 Input PIN_Y14 4A B4A_N0
LVDS_RX_P6 Input PIN_W14 4A B4A_N0
LVDS_RX_N7 Input PIN_U16 4A B4A_N0
LVDS_RX_P7 Input PIN_U17 4A B4A_N0
LVDS_RX_N8 Input PIN_Y16 4A B4A_N0
LVDS_RX_P8 Input PIN_Y17 4A B4A_N0
LVDS_RX_N9 Input PIN_W16 4A B4A_N0
LVDS_RX_P9 Input PIN_W17 4A B4A_N0
LVDS_RX_N10 Input PIN_V18 4A B4A_N0
LVDS_RX_P10 Input PIN_W18 4A B4A_N0
LVDS_RX_N11 Input PIN_V19 5A B5A_N0
LVDS_RX_P11 Input PIN_V20 5A B5A_N0
LVDS_RX_N12 Input PIN_T18 5A B5A_N0
LVDS_RX_P12 Input PIN_T17 5A B5A_N0
LVDS_RX_N13 Input PIN_J18 5B B5B_N0
LVDS_RX_P13 Input PIN_J17 5B B5B_N0
LVDS_RX_N14 Input PIN_K19 5B B5B_N0
LVDS_RX_P14 Input PIN_L18 5B B5B_N0
LVDS_RX_N15 Input PIN_L20 5B B5B_N0
LVDS_RX_P15 Input PIN_L19 5B B5B_N0
LVDS_RX_N16 Input PIN_P19 5A B5A_N0 D75
LVDS_RX_P16 Input PIN_R19 5A B5A_N0 D73
LVDS_TX_N0 Output PIN_W11 3B B3B_N0
LVDS_TX_P0 Output PIN_Y11 3B B3B_N0
LVDS_TX_N1 Output PIN_R12 4A B4A_N0
LVDS_TX_P1 Output PIN_T13 4A B4A_N0 D9
LVDS_TX_N2 Output PIN_AA13 4A B4A_N0
LVDS_TX_P2 Output PIN_AB13 4A B4A_N0
LVDS_TX_N3 Output PIN_AB10 3B B3B_N0
LVDS_TX_P3 Output PIN_AB11 3B B3B_N0
LVDS_TX_N4 Output PIN_Y10 3B B3B_N0
LVDS_TX_P4 Output PIN_AA10 3B B3B_N0
LVDS_TX_N5 Output PIN_AA15 4A B4A_N0
LVDS_TX_P5 Output PIN_Y15 4A B4A_N0
LVDS_TX_N6 Output PIN_AB15 4A B4A_N0
LVDS_TX_P6 Output PIN_AB16 4A B4A_N0
LVDS_TX_N7 Output PIN_R11 3B B3B_N0
LVDS_TX_P7 Output PIN_P12 3B B3B_N0
LVDS_TX_N8 Output PIN_AA17 4A B4A_N0
LVDS_TX_P8 Output PIN_AB17 4A B4A_N0
LVDS_TX_N9 Output PIN_AB18 4A B4A_N0
LVDS_TX_P9 Output PIN_AA18 4A B4A_N0
LVDS_TX_N10 Output PIN_AA19 4A B4A_N0
LVDS_TX_P10 Output PIN_Y19 4A B4A_N0
LVDS_TX_N11 Output PIN_R21 5A B5A_N0
LVDS_TX_P11 Output PIN_R20 5A B5A_N0
LVDS_TX_N12 Output PIN_AB20 4A B4A_N0
LVDS_TX_P12 Output PIN_AB21 4A B4A_N0
LVDS_TX_N13 Output PIN_AA20 4A B4A_N0 D63
LVDS_TX_P13 Output PIN_Y20 4A B4A_N0 D61
LVDS_TX_N14 Output PIN_U21 5A B5A_N0 D67
LVDS_TX_P14 Output PIN_U22 5A B5A_N0 D65
LVDS_TX_N15 Output PIN_R22 5A B5A_N0 D71
LVDS_TX_P15 Output PIN_T22 5A B5A_N0 D69
LVDS_TX_N16 Output PIN_G21 5B B5B_N0
LVDS_TX_P16 Output PIN_G22 5B B5B_N0

TODO: add transceiver -> XCVR_x