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Armadeus Integration Test

Create automatic test & Validation tools


september 2013: Installation of a test server with Hudson / Jenkins


Test Strategy

  • Production tests: done (out of the scope of this document)
  • Compilation tests

For the time being, compilation tests are manual. The idea is to compile Armadeus project from the head of SVN for each target to check compilation success. success condition is compilation pass and binary images (u-boot, linux, and rootfs) are available in binaries directory. Test could be run every day.

  • On target test run

Here again tests have to be automatized. The idea is to control a target over serial port and ethernet to run test cases and log test results. First priroty is to validate linux kernel, modules and rootfs packages present in the default configuration for the target. Yes, it is doable!

Compilation Tests

Use a build farm to run the tests periodicaly (for each commit). Hudson / jenkins or buildbot are good pretenders. There are many competitors here CI Matrix

  1. checkout the head of GIT
  2. run build for each supported target
  3. check build result
  4. check presence of binary images: post condition to be checked.
  5. log error and warning (only the last xxx lines of the console ?)
  6. notify results (failure/fixed) to the lest commiters - Hudson and Jenkins feature
  7. publish results on internet (pass or fail)

On target tests

Some test tools have to be added to the target to run the tests:

  • capabilities to reset the board (watchdog or wired signal)
  • Add some testsuites to the target rootfs. Some packages like busybox, uclibc provide their own testsuite
  • Armadeus packages need their own stategy (TBD)


  • reset the board
  • take control of the target within uboot
  • upload new binary images (with test tools)
  • reset the board
  • pass uboot test. dont know if uboot any test strategy
  • boot linux
  • connect as user root (or test)
  • run integrated testsuites (uclibc, busybox...) and log report
  • run test cases for remaining packages present in the target.
  • Log error and warning
  • publish results on internet

Busybox testsuite - howto

Busibox provides its own testsuite. The following description prepare and run busybox tests:

  • copy busybox .config file to the target rootfs user directory (root or /home/test tbd)
  • copy busybox testsuite directory to the target rootfs (/root or..)
  • build and upload new rootfs to the target (script to be finalized. uboot1.3.4 pathch 3.x provides script "update-all")
  • boot linux and connect as root or user test
  • cd testsuite
  • run shell script: ./testsuite *
  • log test results

screenshoot: > ./runtest *
PASS: basename-does-not-remove-identical-extension
PASS: basename-works
FAIL: bunzip2-reads-from-standard-input
FAIL: bunzip2-removes-compressed-file
FAIL: bzcat-does-not-remove-compressed-file
SKIPPED: bunzip2 (not built)

uclibc test - howto

Seems to require compilation on target. :-(

  • Within 'make menuconfig' -> toolchain enable 'Compile and install uClibc tests'

Test Plan

Compilation Test Plan

Test description Trigger Targets Severity
Source check check all packages for valid download URLs periodic / daily main boards medium / quite easy to find a backup server
Source checkout Downloads all sources needed for offline-build periodic / weekly main boards medium / quite easy to find a backup server
Build update rebuild (incremental) a board on a git change / Check makefile and BR patches GIt commit one board / apf51 critic / BSP is broken
Build boards Offline build boards' main configs periodic / daily main boards critic / BSP is broken for some boards
Build test config Offline build all armadeux test configs periodic / weekly test configs medium
Release Source check check all packages for valid download URLs for the current release periodic / daily main boards medium / quite easy to find a backup server
Release build boards build boards' main configs with the current release periodic / monthly main boards critic / BSP release is broken

On target Test