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Legal status of the association

The "Armadeus Project" is a French non-profit association (law 1907) that was founded in Mulhouse, France (68). We accept members from everywhere. The production of the development boards used by the association is done by a privately owned company, which is independent of the project. Board reselling is done by the armadeus systems company, founded by Armadeus Project leaders.

To become a member

  • At first, you must fill the following membership form and send it back either by mail (see form) or e-mail (adhesion(at)armadeus(dot)org).
  • Then, go to the armadeus systems online shop and create an account (Do not buy any products just yet!!). IMPORTANT: Check Association Armadeus Project membership option when creating the account !!
  • Then, after a few days (max. 3), the following message should appear when you log in:


  • Now you can buy your boards (see below). You become a member as soon as you purchase at least one main board. This will ensure that new members will develop on the same basis. After that you will receive your userid and your password to participate to this Wiki and project activities. Everyone is welcome!

Geographical position of the members

Active members list

Why become a member?


  • The boards bought through the association membership can not be used in a commercial product unless this product belongs to the association.
  • The software/firmware developments realized within the association have to be GPL/LGPL compliant.
  • The Armadeus Project association is not responsible for the misuse or malfunction of the developments performed within the association.

Buying hardware

Minimum system is composed of an APFXX module and an APFXXDev docking/development board. These boards can be bought online. Note that the displayed prices are the "commercial" ones and that the discounts are applied to association members only. For example: 22 euros discount are done on an APF9328_Dev_Light V2, visible by browsing the product information and only if the member is logged in. Therefore, in this case, the price will be 45 euros (not including taxes) for the members:


Association prices (not including taxes)

Click here for the list of all the Armadeus boards available at a discount price


  • No accessories (RS-232/USB/Ethernet cables, power supply, ...) are delivered with the boards. If you don't already have them, you can purchase them at Armadeus webstore or at your favorite supplier for a few $
  • Grouped orders can be organized for some special components, such as LCDs, special connectors...

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