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General Questions

What is the "Armadeus Project" intended for ?

The goal of this project is to allow everyone to easily develop embedded Open Source systems. When all the embedded systems in the world will run open source software, life will be better ;-)

What is the legal status of the project ?

The Armadeus Project is a french "non-profit" association (loi 1901) held in Mulhouse, France (68). We accept members from everywhere. Board production is done by a privatly held company.

What does "Armadeus" mean ?

"Armadeus" is the contraction of "ARM" and "Amadeus". Indeed we choosed ARM architecture for its symplicity and efficiency and our boards are as gifted to run embedded systems as Mozart was for composing music. Moreover, Armadeus project is born in 2006, year of the 250th Mozart's Birthday.

How do I become a member ?

You have to pay a small fee. You will receive an Armadeus board, userid and password to participate to this Wiki and project activities. Everyone is welcome.

What is the price for becoming a member ?

You will have to pay 150 euros. You will get an APF9328 board (iMX 200Mhz, 16Mbytes RAL, 8Mbytes Flash, FPGA), a "DevLight" development board and all you need to start developping.

How do I get help ?

First take a look at the whole Wiki. If you can't find help contact us directly. If you are located in France, we have members in Besançon, Montbéliard & Mulhouse who can provide you help. For Swiss members, we can provide help in Basel, Lausanne & Zürich.

Hardware Questions

Software Questions