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General Questions

What is the "Armadeus Project" intended for ?

The goal of this project is to allow everyone to easily develop embedded Open Source systems. When all the embedded systems in the world will run open source software, life will be better ;-)

How do I get help ?

First take a look at the whole Wiki. If you can't find help contact us directly: Help:Contents. If you are located in France, we have members in Besançon, Montbéliard & Mulhouse who can provide help. For Swiss members, we can provide help in Basel, Lausanne & Zürich.

Why are there http://armadeus.org and http://armadeus.com ? Is there a company backing/hiding behind the project?

<http://armadeus.com> is the webpage dedicated to Armadeus Systems.
The company develops and produces the main boards which are then available at a discount price to the association members (non commercial usage only!).

Historically the Armadeus Project (association) was founded before Armadeus Systems (company).
After one year of existence we realized that it was quite impossible to achieve our goals without investing more time and more cash. That's why the company was founded.

The association was started for our own pleasure and also to help universities and enthusiasts develop Linux embedded systems.
It is a non profit association and works mostly on founders' free time.

The developments (hardware/firmware/software) performed within the association are under GPL/LGPL licence.
The hardware funded by the association can not be used in a commercial product.

Is there some rule to respect to contribute to the wiki?

Yes there are few rules that help you to contribute to update the wiki there: HowTo write articles for armadeus wiki

Hardware Questions

Are the Armadeus boards RoHS compliant ?


I have an APF27 kit and my 7" Chimei LW700 LCD is blinking (RGB colors), what can I do ?

You're probably running an old (< 3.3) Armadeus BSP release and so default LCD is Sharp LQ043. You have to change your Linux configuration to support your LCD. Please follow instructions on this page.

Gateware Questions (FPGA)

My bitstream break my APF

If you are using ISE13.x or upper, there is a bug loading script TCL file. When design is generated by POD, a script is sourced to make bitstream (myproject.tcl), the source commande ignore the constraint file (ucf) and FPGA pinout is done randomly. To avoid this, once tcl script sourced, re-run all design.

Software Questions

Where are the sources ?

We have a project on gitlab : https://gitlab.com/armadeus/armadeus-bsp

What are the performances of your board ?

Wiki page talking about board performances

How do I get help/support


How to register my interrupt routine in Linux application ?

How to register my interrupt routine in Linux application ?

How to launch my application at startup ?

See Automatically launch your application page.

U-Boot seems ok but prints: *** Warning - bad CRC, using default environment - Is there something wrong?

Everything is ok. It is an U-Boot feature that happens if the environment partition is empty.
Please read the U-Boot FAQ on this issue: http://www.denx.de/wiki/view/DULG/WarningBadCRCUsingDefaultEnvironment

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