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Armadeus Framebuffer documentation page !

Here is the procedure to have a working framebuffer on the board (beware it's tricky for the moment !!, but it's for people who can't wait ;-))

  • comment lines number 427 & 438 in linux/drivers/video/imxfb.c (PD11,PD12 config)
  • merge attached scb9328.c file with linux/arc/arm/mach-imx/scb9328.c

configure the linux kernel for Framebuffer support:

make menuconfig
  • in "Char Devices" menu, activate "Virtual Terminal" and "Support for virtual terminal on console"
  • in "Graphic support" activate "Support for Framebuffer", "Motorola iMX

LCD support" "Console display driver support ->Frame buffer console support" (deactivate VGA stuff & add some fonts), then choose 224 colour boot logo

recompile the kernel, now to have console on serial port, you will have to add "console=ttySMX0,115200n8" to your boot parameters

load image on your board and enjoy (you should see linux logo on screen at startup)!

If you have devfs activated, framebuffer device can be accessed with /dev/fb/0. Otherwise, you will neede to create the device node with

mknod c 29 0

You can activate some test tools from the armadeus build process:

make menuconfig -> packages -> fbset

You have several test tools on yahoo groups to play a little with the framebuffer.