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The main goal of this project is to monitor electricity consumption in a Home.


Power calculation

Maxim provides a pretty cool chip to measure current and voltage on 230 Volt grid: MAXQ3180


The idea is to use APF9328 with SDCard to log measurement each 30 seconds. And transmit datas over the ethernet network or with sdcard.

Human communication

The HME (Home Monitoring Energy) can be a home server branched to home network via apf ethernet interface, but it can also use LCD touchscreen to provide an interface for some manipulation.

Devices communication

The HME can communicate with other home device like heating systems to shutdown it when electricity consumption is to high. The communication can be with:

  • zigbee
  • X10
  • RS232
  • ethernet
  • ?

Powering the HME

HME must work all the time, even during home current shutdown. To meet this requirement a battery has to be added. The simplest and cheapest battery is lead battery, then this type of battery will be used.