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On this page, you will find all the informations needed to use LCD on Armadeus.

Hardware interface

Several possibilities:

  • LCD can be used with i.MX LCD controller, ie direct connection between LCD & i.MX pins:
  • LCD has a built-in controller with a parallel interface -> usage of i.MX LCD pins as GPIOs and emulation of a PC parallel port to reuse existing software
  • LCD has a built-in controller with a serial interface (not tested yet)

Supported LCD / Software API

Which LCD controller are we going to support (for parallel port/GPIO interface)

Text: - HD 44780 (tested with GpioDriver driver (+ppdev emulation) and LCD4Linux - ?

Graphic: - KS0108 (Nico and Juju have one sample, not tested yet because LC4Linux don't support it) - ?

User space tools / library found to control // LCD

LCD4linux Cool but mainly to display system informations, not very customizable for user GUI

Lcdproc ?? (Not tested)

Other idea ??