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    • Tips to do debug under linux **


On this page, you will find usefull informations for debugging Armadeus under Linux

Testing Linux kernel

You can test a linux kernel you've generated without to have to reflash your board and destroy your currently working image. Indeed Linux kernel images can be loaded and started from RAM:

BIOS> tftpboot 0x08800000 linux-kernel-2.6.16-arm.bin
BIOS> bootm 0x08800000


This tool allows you to access iMX registers from linux userspace/console. This way you debug your driver or access iMX hardware functionnalities directly from Linux console.

First, you have enable this tool in Buildroot:

$ make menuconfig

Once done, compile it:

$ make

The generated file is located in buildroot/build_arm_nofpu/imxregs-1.0/. Now you can copy it on your target.

To use it, you must clear PAR 1&2 registers (register access rights) before launching Linux kernel, so in U-Boot type:

BIOS> mw.l 0x00200008 0
BIOS> mw.l 0x00210008 0

Then in linux, launch it like that:

# imxregs REGISTER_NAME  (give it the register name as printed in iMX Ref Manual or just the begining of the name)


# imxregs    (to dump all supported registers)


Show OCR1 registers of each GPIO Port:

# imxregs OCR1