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Page under construction... Construction.png Informations on this page are not guaranteed !! Gears.png


  • To compile, mesa requires makedepend installed on your Host:
$ sudo apt-get install xutils-dev


  • Select it in Buildroot menu:
$ make menuconfig
Package Selection for the target  --->
    Libraries  --->
        Graphics  --->
            [*] Mesa library

It will autoselect GPM too !!

  • Rebuild your rootfs:
 $ make
  • and then reflash it.
  • copy some demo or examples on your target:
$ cp buildroot/output/build/Mesa-7.0/progs/demos/gears /tftpboot/
# cd
# mkdir -p mesa/demos/
# cd mesa/demos/
# tftp -g -r gears  (Host IP)
# chmod a+x gears


  • Prevent framebuffer from going to sleep and cursor from blinking:
# echo -e '\033[9;0]' > /dev/tty1
# echo 0 > /sys/class/graphics/fbcon/cursor_blink
  • Launch your demos:
# cd mesa/demos/
# ./gears
Defaulting to stdin input
48 frames in  5.034 seconds =  9.535 FPS
  • With only ~10fps (on APF27) for the gears demo, you will learn that ARM9 cores without 3D nor Floating points unit really suffer to render 3D scenes in software. (Maybe next APF generation will solve the problem ;-) ).
  • Demos that are worth to launch: gears, spriteblast, stex3d (long to start), tunnel (textures & fog disactivated)
  • Samples that are worth to launch: wave, sphere, olympic
  • Demo will take control of the serial console. To quit each demo, press "ESC" on your console.
Note Note: If you get a "Segmentation Fault" when launching your OpenGL demos, try to do an
# export LD_PRELOAD=/lib/ 
just before.