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On this page, you will find usefull informations to configure your Host or Target network

Host NFS server

On Linux (&Mac?) NFS is part of your distribution so you normally don't need to install it. The only thing you have to do is to configure the directory you want others access from the network. For that you have to modify the /etc/exports file (for example):

# Directory for Armadeus:

(In that case your Host will authorize all client from the subnet 192.168.*.* to access /local/export in read only mode)

Then restart your NFS server:

# /sbin/service nfs restart

Next time you boot, you can check your NFS server status with:

# /sbin/service nfs status

and if not started then:

# /sbin/service nfs start

On your Armadeus target:

- create a mount point (for example):

# mkdir -p /mnt/host

- mount it (for example):

# mount -t nfs /mnt/host is your Host IP address and /local/export the name of your Host directory you want to mount.


1] If nfsd and mountd daemon are not running on your Host, then you will get a message like:

# mount: RPC: Program not registered

In that case, restart the NFS service on your Host (see above) 2] To successfully mount a NFS drive, portmap daemon should be running on your target, if not system will hang during some minutes when you launch the mount !! To check if portmap is running, look at the running processes:

# ps faux

If portmap is not listed, then launch it manually:

# /etc/init.d/S14portmap

TFTP Server under Windows:

For those who want to transfer some files from Windows (kernel image / root fs), a small and FREE tftp server is available here: http://tftpd32.jounin.net/


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