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Mapping in csv format of table given in datasheet (chapter 8.2).
Mapping in csv format of table given in [http://www.opossom.com/_downloads/opos6ul_sp/documentation/datasheet_opos6ul_sp.pdf datasheet (chapter 8.2)].

Latest revision as of 12:08, 10 January 2020

Mapping in csv format of table given in datasheet (chapter 8.2).

22, IO_L37P_M3DQ0_3,               FPGA_BANK3, VCC03, N2
23, IO_L37N_M3DQ1_3,               FPGA_BANK3, VCC03, N1
24, IO_L40N_M3DQ7_3,               FPGA_BANK3, VCC03, K1
26, IO_L2P_0,                      FPGA_BANK0, VCCO0, B3
27, IO_L2N_0,                      FPGA_BANK0, VCCO0, A3
28, IO_L4P_0,                      FPGA_BANK0, VCCO0, C4
29, IO_L4N_0,                      FPGA_BANK0, VCCO0, A4
30, IO_L6P_0,                      FPGA_BANK0, VCCO0, B5
31, IO_L6N_0,                      FPGA_BANK0, VCCO0, A5
32, IO_L33P_0,                     FPGA_BANK0, VCCO0, C6
33, IO_L33N_0,                     FPGA_BANK0, VCCO0, A6
34, IO_L35P_GCLK17_0,              FPGA_BANK0, VCCO0, B7
35, IO_L35N_GLCK16_0,              FPGA_BANK0, VCCO0, A7
36, IO_L37P_GLCK13_0,              FPGA_BANK0, VCCO0, B9
37, IO_L37N_GLCK12_0,              FPGA_BANK0, VCCO0, A9
38, IO_L63P_0,                     FPGA_BANK0, VCCO0, B11
39, IO_L63N_0,                     FPGA_BANK0, VCCO0, A11
40, IO_L65P_0,                     FPGA_BANK0, VCCO0, B13
41, IO_L65N_0,                     FPGA_BANK0, VCCO0, A13
43, IO_L1P_A25_1,                  FPGA_BANK1, VCCO1, B14
44, IO_L1N_A24_VREF_1,             FPGA_BANK1, VCCO1, B15
45, IO_L33P_A15_M1A10_1,           FPGA_BANK1, VCCO1, C14
46, IO_L33N_A14_M1A4_1,            FPGA_BANK1, VCCO1, C15
47, IO_L37P_A7_M1A0_1,             FPGA_BANK1, VCCO1, E14 
48, IO_L37N_A6_M1A1_1,             FPGA_BANK1, VCCO1, E15
49, IO_L39P_M1A3_1,                FPGA_BANK1, VCCO1, F13
50, IO_L39N_M1ODT_1,               FPGA_BANK1, VCCO1, F15
52, IO_L41N_GCLK8_M1CASN_1,        FPGA_BANK1, VCCO1, G15
53, IO_L43P_GCLK5_M1DQ4_1,         FPGA_BANK1, VCCO1, J14
54, IO_L43N_GCLK4_M1DQ5_1,         FPGA_BANK1, VCCO1, J15
55, IO_L45P_A1_M1LDQS_1,           FPGA_BANK1, VCCO1, L14
56, IO_L45N_A0_M1LDQSN_1,          FPGA_BANK1, VCCO1, L15
64, IO_L47N_LDC_M1DQ1_1,           FPGA_BANK1, VCCO1, N15
65, IO_L47P_FWE_B_M1DQ0_1,         FPGA_BANK1, VCCO1, N14
66, IO_L46N_FOE_B_M1DQ3_1,         FPGA_BANK1, VCCO1, M15
67, IO_L46P_FCS_B_M1DQS2_1,        FPGA_BANK1, VCCO1, M13
68, IO_L44N_A2_M1DQ7_1,            FPGA_BANK1, VCCO1, K15
69, IO_L44P_A3_M1DQ6_1,            FPGA_BANK1, VCCO1, K13
71, IO_L42P_GCLK7_M1UDM_1,         FPGA_BANK1, VCCO1, H13
72, IO_L40N_GCLK10_M1A6_1,         FPGA_BANK1, VCCO1, L12
73, IO_L40P_GCLK11_M1A5_1,         FPGA_BANK1, VCCO1, K12
74, IO_L38N_A4_M1CLKN_1,           FPGA_BANK1, VCCO1, K11
75, IO_L38P_A5_M1CLK_1,            FPGA_BANK1, VCCO1, K10
78, IO_L40N_0,                     FPGA_BANK0, VCCO0, E9
79, IO_L40P_0,                     FPGA_BANK0, VCCO0, F10
80, IO_L38N_0,                     FPGA_BANK0, VCCO0, E8
81, IO_L38P_0,                     FPGA_BANK0, VCCO0, F8
82, IO_L36N_GLCK14_0,              FPGA_BANK0, VCCO0, A8
83, IO_L36P_GLCK15_0,              FPGA_BANK0, VCCO0, C8
84, IO_L34N_GLCK18_0,              FPGA_BANK0, VCCO0, D8
85, IO_L34P_GCLK19_0,              FPGA_BANK0, VCCO0, E7
86, IO_L7N_0,                      FPGA_BANK0, VCCO0, C7
87, IO_L7P_0,                      FPGA_BANK0, VCCO0, D7
88, IO_L5N_0,                      FPGA_BANK0, VCCO0, D6
89, IO_L5P_0,                      FPGA_BANK0, VCCO0, E6
90, IO_L3N_0,                      FPGA_BANK0, VCCO0, C5
91, IO_L3P_0,                      FPGA_BANK0, VCCO0, D5
95, IO_L40P_M3DQ6_3,               FPGA_BANK3, VCC03, K3
96, IO_L39N_M3LDQSN_3,             FPGA_BANK3, VCC03, L1
97, IO_L39P_M3LDQS_3,              FPGA_BANK3, VCC03, L2
98, IO_L38N_M3DQ3_3,               FPGA_BANK3, VCC03, M1
99, IO_L38P_M3DQ2_3,               FPGA_BANK3, VCC03, M3