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Gametype FPS
Web site http://
Fully working


Doom clone derived from original ID Software sources and enhanced (SDL support, bugs correction...). Doom is the sequel of Wolfenstein. It is working quite well on 8bpp framebuffers; for 16bpp one, a bug has to be corrected in i.MX framebuffer (ongoing).
PrBoom is integrated in Buildroot on latest SVN snapshots. It needs SDL, SDL_mixer & SDL_net. Currently there is no sound support on Armadeus boards. Video was taken on the new LCD. Runs at full speed in 320x240 with only ~40% CPU usage in 8bpp mode.


Launch Buildroot configuration:

# make menuconfig

Activate SDL, SDL_mixer, SDL_net and then PrBoom packages. Exit and save your config. Build rootfs:

# make

As the generated rootfs is too big to be put on the APF9328 FLASH, there are 2 solutions:

  • 1] put rootfs on a MMC/SD. In Buildroot configure rootfs to be tar-ed Target Options ---> tar the root filesystem and then:
# tar xvf /.../armadeus/buildroot/rootfs.arm_nofpu.tar -C /mnt/sdcard/
# umount /mnt/sdcard/

in U-Boot then use (with MMC inserted):

BIOS> run mmcboot

After Linux boot on Target, launch the game:

# /usr/games/prboom -width 320 -height 240
  • 2] put games files on NFS export: armadeus/buildroot/build_arm_nofpu/root/usr/games/prboom, armadeus/buildroot/build_arm_nofpu/root/usr/share/games/doom/prboom.wad and doom1.wad.!! Files should be in the same directory !! Then cd in directory and launch the game:
# /usr/games/prboom -width 320 -height 240