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Instructions to install and use QtEmbedded & Opie for Armadeus


This page will summarize the process to build, install and use QtEmbedded & Opie. Qtopia may be supported in a second phase. You will also find instructions to setup a Host development environment for simulating applications before deploying them on the target.


Update your armadeus SVN snapshot:

# cd armadeus/
# svn update

be sure to get Qt patch in software/patches Activate Qt in buildrot

# make menuconfig

go in Toolchain options and be sure to activate c++ compiler generation go in Package Selection for the target --> and select Qt/Embedded GPL package - select Qvfb if you want to have a host simulation environment - select Opie if you want to have a full PDA distribution for your board (not functionnal yet) then save your config and launch compiling:

# make

after compilation ends, reflash rootfs or copy libraries on your target Copy software/buildroot/package/qte_gpl/set_qt_env.sh script to your Armadeus filessytem in /etc. Edit this file to change QTDIR if not appropriate. to be functionnal, you should copy fonts/ directory of your "build_arm_nofpu/qt_gpl/qt_2.3.10/lib/fonts" with the fonts you want to use

I'm currently preparing stuff to make these steps automatics... Don't forget to read build_arm_nofpu/qt_gpl/qt_2.3.10/lib/doc/html/install-qws.html for more informations and feel free to update this page !!

only Qt is working yet, opie is coming soon. In progress... ask Juju if you want to test buildroot Makefile


by default Qt is installed in /usr/lib/ directory of your target rootfs before launching Qt on the target, you should set following env variables to the right value: QTDIR, LD_LIBRARY_PATH, etc... You can do it automatically by sourcing the /etc/set_qt_env.sh script if you have modified it during installation.

# . /etc/set_qt_env.sh

Test the beast: Compile hello example (!! tricky) and copy it to your rootfs Launch it:

# /usr/bin/hello -qws


Qvfb (Qt Virtual Framebuffer) is a framebuffer emulator for your host/devt system. With it you can simulate your target and run your Qt/E programs on your PC before deploying them to your Armadeus board. To use it: - copy software/buildroot/package/qte_gpl/set_qt_env.sh script to yur home directory and edit it to have the right QTDIR path (for example: software/buildroot/build_arm_nofpu/qt_gpl/qt-2.3.10-x86/ ) - source it:

# source /home/julien/set_qt_env.sh

- go in software/buildroot/build_arm_nofpu/qt_gpl/qt-2.3.10-x86/ and launch Qvfb:

# qvfb -width 240 -height 320 &

- then go in examples and launch the program you want to test

# cd examples/hello/
# make
# ./hello -qws

Working examples with current configuration (Opie) are: buttongroups, cursor, customlayout, drawlines, forever, layout, life, lineedits, listbox, listcombobox, menu, popup, rot13, tetris, tictac

Cool ! no ? ;-)


! Not tested/supported yet ! Go here: [[1]] and ask for a free licence

Work in progress / to do list

  • Customisation of src/tools/config-qpe.h to have a custom Qt/E library well designed for Armadeus usage (currently we are using Opie's config
  • Creating support for a new device for compilation customization, cf qt-2.3.10/doc/html/install-qws.html (currenlty arm examples are not compiling automatically)