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General Informations

Kernel status

Buildroot status

Head of GIT (development in progress)

Release 7.0 (latest stable one)

Release 6.0

  • Release date: August 10th 2015
  • Download it
  • Release note
  • Troubleshots
  • Main changes:
    • APF6 & APF6_SP support
    • bump to BR 2015.02
    • BR new packages: apf-config, nss-pam-ldapd, gnu-boy, shiboken, imx_usb_loader, Tk, sam7_pgm-ng, xc3sprog, agg, gnash, owfs, mmc-utils, python-wx

Release 5.3

  • Release date: December 25th 2013
  • Download it
  • Release note
  • Troubleshots
  • Test report
  • Main changes:
    • bump to BUILDROOT 2013.05 - for all APF boards
    • use binutils 2.23.2 - for all APF boards; use GCC 4.7.4 - for all APF boards
    • BUILDROOT new packages: Beremiz, Joe text editor, minicom, python pyro, SMS server tools 3, gnokii

Things to do before using armadeus-5.3

Warning Warning: APF27 & APF51 users should pay attention on the update procedure order when upgrading to armadeus-5.3. U-Boot have to be updated first or the board may be bricked !! Indeed we have made some changes to NAND mapping to be able to use Linux vanilla kernels easily and this mapping is not compatible with the older one. The procedure for APF27/APF51/PPSxx is then:
BIOS> run update_uboot
BIOS> reset
BIOS> run flash_reset_env
BIOS> reset
(change your environment variables)
BIOS> run update_all

Warning Warning: As compiler version/configuration has changed since armadeus-5.2 and as ccache is activated by default in our Buildroot defconfigs, you have to purge the cache as stated in Buildroot documentation:
"Note that Buildroot does not try to invalidate the cache
contents when the compiler changes in an incompatible
way. Therefore, if you make a change to the compiler version
and/or configuration, you are responsible for purging the
ccache cache by removing the $HOME/.buildroot-ccache

Release 5.2

Release 5.1

  • Due to some major bugs with the PPS board this release has never been published

Release 5.0

Release 4.1

Release 4.0

Release 3.4

Release 3.3

Release 3.2

Release 3.1