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Instructions to use the serial port of your Armadeus board to communicate with your PC


When you only have a serial port to connect to your devt PC, then you can use Zmodem protocol to send/receive files to/from your Armadeus board


when you build your root filessytem with buildroot, then modify your configuration:

[user@toto]$ make menuconfig

to add lrzsz package and then rebuild your rootfs

[user@toto]$ make

Check that lrz and lsz executable are present in your rootfs and if not copy them to there:

[user@toto]$ cp ./build_arm_nofpu/lrzsz-0.12.20/src/lsz ./build_arm_nofpu/root/usr/bin/

end then rebuild your rootfs

[user@toto]$ make


You must use minicom as serial terminal and not kermit sorry ! :-( After having booted your Armadeus system, launch lrz for receiving and lsz to send files:

Host --> Target

# cd /whereToPutTheFile/
# lrz -bZ

then in minicom Ctrl+A then s and choose zmodem protocol and the file to send Wait a little and your file will be copied to your board rootfs ! ;-)

Target --> Host

# lsz -b --zmodem filename