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Sometimes we want to have our embedded system plug somewhere with Internet access and connect to it from a remote place without having to configure servers/box/NAT/proxy/what you want tricky. This page will explain how to do this with Shell In a Box and

Shell In A Box

  • First we will install this small tool on our system. It is a small web server that allow client to connect to our system with Internet browser, making them think they are using a SSH connection. For more informations:
  • shellinabox tool is packaged in Buildroot, so all we hav to do is to select it, rebuild our rootfs and reflash it on our system:
$ make menuconfig
Target packages  --->
    Networking applications  --->
        [*] shellinabox
$ make
$ cp buildroot/output/images/ /tftpboot
BIOS> run update_rootfs
  • then reboot your system and login as usual.
  • to quickly test shellinabox:
# ip addr show eth0 | grep inet    (to get IP @ of your board)
# shellinabox

Then from a browser on your host you can access

  • Previous instructions gave us a way to access our system from the local network. We will now see how to deal with the Internet.
  • is a free service (for personnal use) that allow you to create SSH tunnels with WWW access without installing anything on your client (it should at least have a SSH client installed, like any Armadeus SOM).
  • First check you system has Internet access:
# ping
  • If not, this tutorial will end up now for you ;-).
  • Then ask to create a tunnel with a permanent www @ with following command:
# ssh -R -L localhost:4200
  • Testing: now from a PC outside your local network, you can open a browser and point it to :
  • Tada !