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Activate the necessary I2C drivers in the Linux kernel configuration (modules or builtin):

Device Drivers  ---> <*> I2C support  ---> <*>   I2C device interface
Device Drivers  ---> <*> I2C support  ---> I2C Hardware Bus support  ---> <*> i2c bus on i.MX

By default I2C drivers are builtin in Armadeus Linux kernel


You must enable the max5821ctrl package into your buildroot configuration:
Package Selection for the target->Hardware handling->max5821ctrl

If you are using modules instead of builtin linux drivers, you can check if the modules are loaded with:

# lsmod
i2c_imx                 4008  0
i2c_dev                 5024  0
i2c_core               11472  2 i2c_imx,i2c_dev