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Note Note: Framebuffer is already configured (for Sharp LQ043 LCD on APF9328 and for Chimei LW700 on APF27/APF51) in standard/default Armadeus kernel image.

Following instructions are only given as references or if you want to change the default LCD:

  • launch Linux kernel configuration:
 [armadeus]$ make linux-menuconfig
  • activates:
 Device Drivers  
    ---> Character devices  ---> 
        [*] Virtual terminal
        [*]   Support for console on virtual terminal
  • on APF9328 activates:
 Device Drivers  
    ---> Graphics support  
        <*> Support for frame buffer devices  --->
             <*>   Motorola i.MX LCD support
  • on APF27 activates:
 Device Drivers  
    ---> Graphics support  
        <*> MXC Framebuffer support (Freescale driver)
  • and choose your LCD in:
 Device Drivers  
    ---> Graphics support  
        ---> LCD Panel (xxxx)  --->
  • activates:
 Device Drivers  
    ---> Graphics support  
        ---> Console display driver support
            <*> Framebuffer Console support
  • deactivates VGA stuff & add some fonts, then choose Armadeus boot logo:
 Device Drivers  ---> 
    Graphics support  ---> 
        [*] Bootup logo
        [*]   224-color Armadeus Linux logo
  • recompiles the kernel:
 [armadeus]$ make linux26
  • reflash kernel image on your board and enjoy ! (you should see Linux logo on screen at startup)