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June 17th 2014: Bump to U-Boot 2014.04

All Armadeus boards moved to U-Boot 2014.04 on [GIT]

December 25th 2013: New software release Armadeus 5.3

This new release concludes the move to Buildroot 2013.05 and U-Boot 2013.04. It also consolidates the support for vanilla Linux kernels (3.1x).

June 11th 2013: Bump to Buildroot 2013.05 on GIT Current_Buildroot_status_in_Armadeus

Armadeus moved to Buildroot 2013.05 on GIT. Buildroot 2013.05 will apply after the BSP is fully rebuilt , so first backup your work in progress then do: git pull; git clean -dfx; make apfxx_defconfig; make

October 12th 2012: New software release Armadeus 5.2

This new release enhances the supported features on the APF28 board, fix a wireless issue on the PPS board and add few other improvements to the Armadeus software

August 12th 2012: Armadeus 5.0 is released

Consolidated support for the APF28 board, BR 2012.02, U-Boot 2012.04, misc. fixes.

January 27th 2012: Armadeus 4.1 is released

This new release adds (very preliminary & experimental) support for the APF28 board, BR 2011.05, better BR integration, Linux 3.0 for APF51 and industrial automation new packages.

Some members of Armadeus Project team will attend booth n°71 at LSM 2011 in Strasbourg (11 to 14th July 2011)
July 9th 2011: Armadeus 4.0 is released

This new release adds support for the APF51 board, BR 2010.11 and continue integration work (experimental) of Linux 2.6.38 for APF27/PPS & APF9328.

May 1rst 2011: APF51 SOM and APF51Dev docking board are available

These new powerfull boards are available on the Armadeus Systems Online Shop.

March 3rd 2011: Armadeus 3.4 is released

This new release adds support for the APF27_PPS board, and continue integration work (experimental) of BR 2010.xx & Linux 2.6.38.

July 30th 2010: Armadeus 3.3 is released

This new release adds better support for the APW, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, Qt 4.5.3, BR 2010.05 & U-Boot 2010.03 (experimental), etc...

January 15th 2010: APW board is available

The new APW board ("Wireless" extension for the APF27) is available on the Armadeus Systems Online Shop.

December 1rst 2009: Armadeus 3.2 is released

This new release adds better support for the APF27 & 7" screen, new packages (pygame, xenomai, etc...), svn to git migration, etc...

July 8th 2009: General Assembly / LSM 2009

On Wednesday July 8th 2009, occurred the General Assembly in Nantes (France)

June 29th 2009: Armadeus software 3.1 is released, following the APF27DevFull availability

The new Armadeus release 3.1 supports Linux kernel 2.6.29, GDB 6.7.1, APF27 FPGA download, HDMI Output of APF27DevFull and much more. This release can be downloaded as a tarball package from the usual place

February 26th 2009: Armadeus software 3.0 is released, following the APF27 availability

The new Armadeus release 3.0 supports the new Armadeus Systems APF27 board, linux kernel 2.6.27, GCC 4.2.1, U-Boot 1.3.4 and much more. The software released can be downloaded as a tarball package from the usual place: http://sourceforge.net/projects/armadeus

December 6th 2008: Armadeus 3 software available from subversion repository

The third generation of armadeus software is on the track. The documentation is available at Armadeus 3. For your convenience a copy of the wiki supporting previous version of Armadeus is available for offline browsing at Armadeus 2.x wiki

20 May 2008: DevFull boards are available

DevFull development boards are available and will be soon sold at discount price (for Armadeus Project members) on armadeus systems online shop

17 Dec. 2007: Armadeus software version 2.2 released!

Armadeus release 2.2 adds many new drivers, fixes many bugs, supports the new linux kernel 2.6.23 and a recent version of buildroot. Armadeus 2.2 can be downloaded as a tarball package from the usual place: http://sourceforge.net/projects/armadeus

or directly from the Subversion server (SVN): svn co https://armadeus.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/armadeus/tags/release-2.2 armadeus-2.2

15 Sept. 2007: APF9328 boards have been received & first DevFull prototypes are under test

Now all boards are available. DevFull is working well and will be available at the end of year.

10 Jun. 2007: DevLight and LCD_Adapt received, but still waiting for APF9328 :-( !

DevLight and LCD_Adapter boards have been received but we are now waiting for new APF9328.

26 Mar. 2007: DevLight and LCD_Adapt ordered !

A new DevLight order has been placed! Expected delivey date: week 17/18

The LCD_Adapter boards have been ordered too. Expected delivery date: week 18/19

22 Mar. 2007: DevLight boards are out-of-stock !

We have no more DevLight boards for the moment. New one have been ordered but will only be available mid-April

09 Feb. 2007: Release v2.0 is out !

Software Release 2.0 is (at least ;-) ) available. To download it, go on Sourceforge... Now serious things can begin !

05 Nov. 2006: APF DevLight boards received

New members can now join us easily.

15 Oct. 2006: APF DevLight boards quite ready

DevLight boards are in production and will be available end of October.

12 Sept. 2006: APF DevLight boards ordered

Nico has placed an order today for 50 APF DevLight boards. They should arrive mid-october. They will allow more people to join this project soon.

10 Sept. 2006: Wiki and Web sites are quite up now

250 years (and some months) after the birth of Wolfgang, a new genius has come to earth: the Armadeus project... ;-) Wiki and web site (http://www.armadeus.com) begin to rock...

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