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* Tkinter requires a [[X11 server]] running on your board.
* Then to activate it:
<pre class="config">
<pre class="config">
Target packages  --->
Target packages  --->

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Tkinter (“Tk interface”) is Python's de-facto standard GUI (Graphical User Interface) package. It is a thin object-oriented layer on top of Tcl/Tk.


  • Tkinter requires a X11 server running on your board.
  • Then to activate it:
Target packages  --->
    Interpreter languages and scripting  --->
        [*] tcl
        [*]   delete encodings (saves 1.4Mb)
        [*]   install only shared library
              tcl libraries/modules  --->
                  [*] tk
                  [*]   remove demos
        [*] python
            core python modules  --->
                [*] tkinter

Quick test

from Tkinter import *

root = Tk()

w = Label(root, text="Hello, world!")


Going further

Tkinter example running on APF27 with blackbox window manager