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About Me

I am IP Network and Datacenter engineer, currently I'm working for an Internet Service Provider in Hungary.

My hobby is programming embedded systems and creating my own small electronic boards.


  • Assembly programming: PIC 8bit family
  • C programming: PIC 8bit / PIC32MX family, Linux
  • Perl, PHP, Javascript, Html programming with MySQL
  • Linux system administration
  • RS-232/485 serial communications: Ascii, Modbus, Saia Sbus, etc.
  • IP networking

My ArmadeuS plans (APF28 based)

  • Creating an universal home automation hardware for my friends, with easy programming in perl or PHP. :)
  • Datacenter temperature monitoring, with RS-485 and OneWire communications.
  • Data logger for Saia Sbus based intelligent power meters.

My works comitted to ArmadeuS project