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Je suis Kévin JOLY, stagiaire chez ARMadeus Systems pour finaliser mon DUT à l'IUT de Belfort-Montbéliard. Mes sujets de stages sont: -Validation de la communication sur bus CAN. -Intégration des modules HMS Anybus sur une APF51.

Sur cette page, quelques petits articles des différents travaux effectué avec une carte APF

Communication with the CAN Bus of a car

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Construction.png Informations on this page are not guaranteed !!

Warning Warning: The operations of this section can be dangerous for your vehicle. Neither I nor ARMadeus Systems are responsible of your operations/modifications or whatever on your vehicle

Presentation of CAN buses in car

There is not one only CAN bus in your car. For example there is the confort bus, inter-system bus, etc ... (depending of your vehicle). If you want to retreive some specific informations with your APF, it is possible but the CAN identifier code is not given by any car constructor.

Connection on inter-system bus

For our test, we have scanned the inter-system bus with an APF27. The CAN bus wires of this bus was under the steering wheel. You can see some twisted wires(depending of your vehicle), CAN-Low and CAN-High are twisted all.

Warning Warning: Do not shortcut the pins CAN-High and CAN-Low! I repeat that we are not responsible of the damage made on your car!

Can connector 307.jpg

Then, connect the bus on the APF CAN connector. You should connect only the two middle pins (See this page, section "Assembly" for further information: CAN bus demo MCP25020.

Test can 307 apf27.jpg

The black wire on the CAN connector of this picture is not connected.


I have used an implementation of the socket with can interface to retreive the messages on the bus. For example we can push on the accelerator pedal and check wich bits are incremented.

Can 307 application.png

This is a simple application coded in C language. This application use the socket implementation. (use the candump tools of the socketCAN utils or check the code in your armadeus distribution in /target/demos/mcp25020_ctrl/ for an example).