Vivado installation on Linux

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Vivado is the new FPGA design tool from Xilinx. It replaces ISE and XPS tools for new product. By default, no Armadeus board has some new Xilinx FPGA that could be targeted by Vivado. But with the new APF6 we can use Artix7 with PCIe on a daughter board (or with Xilinx dev-kit and APF6Dev PCIe connector) and enjoy the new Xilinx-tool. This page is a tutorial to install Vivado on debian-linux host computer.

Note Note: Vivado can't be used with spartan products, it starts with "7" FPGA serie (artix7, virtex7, zynq, kintex7, ...)



  • unsure that Bash is the default shell:
$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure dash


  • Download the file on xilinx website, note that you will need an account (free) to do that.

Launch install

  • To launch install simply type :
$ chmod 777 Xilinx_Vivado_SDK_2014.4_1119_1_Lin64.bin
$ ./Xilinx_Vivado_SDK_2014.4_1119_1_Lin64.bin
  • Fill forms then wait for about 20 minutes

Launching Vivado

  • Go to the installed directory:
$ cd /opt/Xilinx/Vivado/2014.4
  • Source the architecture shell file:
/opt/Xilinx/Vivado/2014.4$ source
  • Then launch it:
/opt/Xilinx/Vivado/2014.4$ ./bin/vivado