APF/OPOS as Wi-Fi Access Point

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Note Note: Following instructions have only be tested on APF6 and OPOS6UL/OPOS6UL_NANO


$ make menuconfig
Target packages  --->
    Networking applications  --->
        [*] hostapd
        [ ]   Enable EAP
        [ ]   Enable WPS
  • then, reflash your rootfs or rsync it, if your board has SSH access through Ethernet port.


  • Bring up your Wi-Fi interface and give it an address (here
# ifconfig wlan0 up netmask
  • Create /etc/hostapd/ directory and put it this hostapd.conf configuration file:
# mkdir -p /etc/hostapd/

# cat > /etc/hostapd/hostapd.conf <<EOF

  • here we used fixed channel (6) (as some drivers can't allow hostapd to find less occupied channel through scanning)
  • security is WPA2-PSK. To have "Open" Access Point uncomment #auth_algs=1 and comment 3 wpa lines
  • Launch hostapd:
# hostapd -B /etc/hostapd/hostapd.conf
  • If the devices connecting to your Access Point require dynamic IP address allocation, you will need to install a DHCP server on your APF/OPOS too.

AP+STA mode

  • It is also possible to configure your module to act as a Wi-Fi client/station (STA), and in the same time offer AP (Access Point) services.
  • For this you have to create virtual network interface (here uap0) and use it instead of wlan0 for AP stuff configuration (hostapd and dnsmasq):
# iw dev wlan0 interface add uap0 type __ap

# ifconfig uap0
  • So after this you have:
    • a Wi-Fi interface wlan0 for station(STA)/client mode usable with for example WPA supplicant
    • and a Wi-Fi interface uap0 for access point(AP) mode, usable with previous instructions on this page.


  • When launched, you can control hostapd daemon with corresponding command line tool:
# hostapd_cli