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Instructions to use the MultiMediaCard (MMC/SD) on your Armadeus board


You can use standard MMC/SD cards with your Armadeus board, if you have the corresponding connector attached to your devt board. See MMC/SD page to know how to connect the hardware part.


when you build your kernel image, then modify your configuration:

[user@toto]$ make xconfig

in Device Drivers->MMC/SD Card support->iMX Support In FileSystems, don't forgt to add support for the filesystem on the MMC and if you activate FAT/VFAT, don't forget to activate Native Language Support (NLS) otherwise you'll get errors like:

Unable to load NLS charset cp437
FAT: codepage cp437 not found

Save your configuration and then rebuild your kernel image:

[user@toto]$ make

now you should have following drivers in your kernel source tree:


Copy mmc_core.ko, imxmmc.ko & mmc_block.ko to your target root filessytem in /lib/modules/ or reflash the generated rootfs.

If not already existing then create MMC block devices:

# mknod /dev/mmca b 254 0
# mknod /dev/mmca1 b 254 1

If not already existing then create the mount point (/mnt/mmc):

# mkdir -p /mnt/mmc


First, load the core controller driver on your board:

# insmod /lib/modules/mmc_core.ko

and then the iMX MMC Host driver:

# insmod /lib/modules/imxmmc.ko

To access the MMC as a block device, load this module too:

# insmod /lib/modules/mmc_block.ko

Then just mount the MMC, for example (FAT32 formatted card):

# mount -t vfat /dev/mmca1 /mnt/mmc

You can then access the MMC's files from /mnt/mmc directory