Qsys USB BLASTER Jtag-avalon-MM

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It's possible to access avalon-MM bus with an USB-Blaster connected to jtag. To do that a special ip-core must be instanciated in Qsys and a system console must be launched in Quartus.

Instanciate Jtag-avalon-MM

In Qsys library, the component to instanciate is named JTAG to Avalon Master Bridge.

  • Click twice on it to integrate it in your project then connect the clock and reset on the same signal than the avalon slave you want to access.
  • Once done, plug the avalon interface «master» on the avalon slave interface you want to access.
  • Generate the HDL files then synthesize all design.

Access avalon-MM registers

  • Launch System console in Quartus :
tools -> System debugging tools -> system console
  • Connect to USB-BLaster JTAG-avalon-MM instance :
% set masters [get_service_paths master]
% set master [lindex $masters 0]
% open_service master $master
  • Write 32bits value
% master_write_32 $master 0x4 0xdeadbeef
  • Read 32bits value
% master_read_32 $master 0x0 2