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Quartus web edition 14.0 is the software used to synthesize bitstream for Altera FPGAs. It's required for the cyclone V soldered on APF6SP.

Installation guide for version 14.0

Package needed

On debian jessie :

sudo apt-get install libstdc++5 libmotif4 libxp6 libcurl3
# for 64 arch, install also 32bits packets:
sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386
sudo apt-get install libstdc++5:i386 libmotif4:i386 libxp6:i386 libcurl3:i386


Download the big (4GB) quartus installer here (Use "download software web edition" button).

Uncompress and install

  • Untar the archive :
 tar -xvf Quartus-web-
  • run the installer:
 bash setup.sh 
  • follow the instructions to install it where you want.

configure .bashrc

Adding the path of your quartus in ~/.bashrc

export ALTERAPATH="/opt/quartus/altera/14.0/"
export PATH=$PATH:${ALTERAPATH}/quartus/bin
export PATH=$PATH:${ALTERAPATH}/nios2eds/bin

Launch Quartus

To launch quartus, open a terminal and simply type :

$ quartus


USB-BLaster is an USB JTAG adaptor usefull to debug altera FPGA. Under Linux some rights must be added to use it with quartus.

  • create an udev rules files in :
  • And add following configuration :
ATTR{idVendor}=="09fb", ATTR{idProduct}=="6001", MODE="666" 

Version 15.1 prime lite

Note Note: Quartus 15.1.1 with update 1 take about ~16GB once installed, but ~15 more GB are required for download/untar before installation

Version 15.1 with update (click on updates tab).

  • In Complete Download chapter, download the big archive with update 1 (7.6GB) on the download center (free Altera account needed):
  • Watch a good movie (min 2 hours)
  • Move the big archive in a directory with enough free space and untar it:
$ tar -xvf Quartus-lite-
  • Take a little coffee (~3 min)
  • Launch the installation:
  • follow the instructions to install it where you want
  • Take a big coffee or go to lunch (~30min)
  • Change your environment variables in your .bashrc:
export ALTERAPATH="/directory/where/you/installed/quartus/"
export QSYS_ROOTDIR="${ALTERAPATH}/quartus/sopc_builder/bin"
export PATH=$PATH:${ALTERAPATH}/quartus/bin
export PATH=$PATH:${ALTERAPATH}/nios2eds/bin
Warning Warning: The altera installation script will edit your .bashrc file adding a line at the end.
If you add the lines above you can delete it. But if you have an esoteric language like french in some comments, the script will trash it

  • Run quartus in a new console and select prime software:
$ quartus

Version 19.1 prime lite

Installation process is mainly identical with this little fixes.

Perl Getopt::Long

When synthesize platform design (qsys) a perl error like this occure:

... Can't locate Getopt/Long.pm in @INC ...

Apparently, the module is not installed for Intel embedded perl. To solve the problem, a solution is to use your perl installed in distribution.

But before, be sure that you have the getopt installed correctly :

$ sudo apt install libgetopt-simple-perl

Then go to your Intel Quartus installation :

$ cd altera/19.1/quartus/linux64/perl/bin
$ mv perl perl_old
$ ln -s /usr/bin/perl

And relaunch your quartus project.