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Xenomai is a Linux kernel real time extension. For explanations on how to install it, take a look at Xenomai install instructions.
The directory target/demos/real_time/ contains a set of examples for Xenomai evaluation.
For each example, a "functionnal equivalent" version is available for Linux environnement, in order to make some comparison.


Directories named linux contain the examples for Linux and the directories named xenomai contain the real time examples.
For each of them, a subdirectory called user_space or kernel specifies the programmation domain.

Configurations & compilation

Once you are in the directory of an example, you just have to type make to compile it and make install to install it on /tftpboot/local/bin directory on your computer.


Kernel drivers

Loading and unloading a kernel driver is standard, like every other Linux kernel driver.

  • To load the driver
# insmod your_driver
  • To unload it
# rmmod your_driver

User Space applications

If it's a userspace application, you have to type:

# xeno-load your_application 

Others examples

The directory $ARMADEUS_XENOMAI_DIR/examples contains many other examples:

$ make shell_env
$ source armadeus_env.sh