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The APF28 is a simple and low cost Single Board Computer targeted for small GUI, communication and control process.

Here is a list of the main features:

  • Processor: i.MX28x (ARM9 @ 454MHz)
  • RAM: DDR2 400. 64 to 512MB. 16 bits data bus. Default capacity is 128MB.
  • Flash: NAND. 256MB to 4GB, 8 bits data bus. Default capacity is 256MB
  • Ethernet: onboard Physical (ready to use Ethernet 10/100Mbit link)
  • USB: High speed USB OTG (OnTheGo) with onboard Physical
  • USB: 1 High speed Hosts with integrated PHY
  • Touchscreen controler (4/5 wires)
  • Low speed ADCs (up to 7)
  • High speed ADC
  • RTC and Watchdog
  • Battery charger (Li-On/Li-Po)
  • Supplies: high end DC/DC converters and LDOs on board. Only one external supply required (5V, batterie or 3.3V).
  • Mechanical dimensions: ~43x25mm

All the i.MX28 peripherals (LCD, SDIO, SPI, 6xSerial, I2C, 2xUSB, PWM, etc...) can be accessed through two high density Hirose connectors.

The APF28 module can be plugged on the APF28Dev docking board or your own custom devt board.

Note for APF28i (industrial) boards

The support for the industrial NAND memory used on the board, is only available on recent GIT sources (GIT Head). Please don't use the 5.3 BSP and wait until the 6.0 stable release is out.


Feature list

Video Out

Wired communication