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APF Enclosure requirements

Here's a preliminary list of requirements for an enclosure for APF27_Dev board and probably some other APF boards.

  1. Modular structure: the base fixes the APF27_Dev board, and the walls and the top are interchangeable, fitting different i/o interfaces (mandatory)
  2. Room for expansion: think of future boards of the same dimensions (160x200mm) (mandatory)
  3. Optional side board with 8 or 10 RJ45 sockets, and wiring inside the enclosure to freely connect them to ADC, FPGA, or GPIO pins
  4. Top cover in two variants: 1) solid; 2) LCD touchscreen and a few buttons
  5. The LCD cover should be designed so that the flat cable is not twisted (current LCD adapter does not easily fit on top of the board because of the flat cable)
  6. Optional internal USB hub and enough room for 1-2 USB dongles (3G modem, for example)
  7. Material: plastic, in order to let WiFi and 3G radio signal inside (mandatory)
  8. Optional 5*AA (6?) battery compartment below the base (and probably a battery controller to switch to low-power or shut down the system on low voltage)
  9. Optional side board with WiFi antenna mounting screw
  10. Optional internal 2.5" SATA disk over a USB adapter

Here's a poll where you can express the importance of each option.