Buildroot inside Debian on APF

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So you just installed Debian on your APF (Debian_on_APF) and still want to test Buildroot stuff without reformatting your disk or delete your installation ? Here is a small tutorial for you (tested on APF6 only).


  • On your Debian rootfs, create a directory that will be used to store Buildroot rootfs:
# mkdir /buildroot
  • Uncompress it your Buildroot rootfs:
# tar xvf apf6-rootfs.tar -C /buildroot/
  • Create a script that will launch buildroot init at start instead of Debian one:
# vim /br_init
  • Put it in:
mount -t proc none /buildroot/proc
mount -t sysfs none /buildroot/sys
exec chroot /buildroot /sbin/init
  • Give it executable rights
# chmod 755 /br_init


  • In U-Boot create a script to start your Buildroot rootfs:
BIOS> setenv brboot 'setenv mmcdev 0; setenv mmcpart 1; setenv mmcdir; setenv mmcroot /dev/mmcblk2p2 rw; setenv extrabootargs init=/br_init; run genmmcboot;'
  • Launch it:
BIOS> saveenv
BIOS> run brboot
  • Tada !