Connection with U-Boot under Windows

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RS232 configuration for Window$

Instead of using the Hyperterminal (too many bugs), we suggest to use a free software named Tera Term Pro .

Terminal installation

Donwload ( and install TeraTerm on your PC.

Terminal configuration

  • Select serial connection on the first top window when opening TeraTerm
  • Select your COM port
  • In the "Setup" menu under "Serial port", modify the connection speed to 115200 (Default for U-Boot)

Terminal file transfer configuration

  • In the "File" menu, select "Transfer" , then "Kermit" then "Send"

If the Armadeus board is waiting for a kermit transfer, the file will be sent immediately

Ethernet TFTP server for Window$

In order to send your files (U-Boot, Linux, rootfs ...) with higher speed to the armadeus board, you can use a TFTP server. Once the server started, the files located in the server shared directory (or current directory) will be accessible to the TFTP client (like an armadeus board).

TFTP server installation

Donwload this small and FREE server: Tftpd32 and install it on your PC (Host).

Server configuration

  • Select the directory in which the files you want to sent to the Armadeus board are located ("Browse" button)
  • Set the server address if necessary (must be your Host IP address)

If the Armadeus board has been correctly configured (host address, netmask ...) the transfer will start immediately.