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The domos project aims are to provide a global, low cost, and open source solution for home automation.
A first proposition can be found here: []
Three developers are currently registered.

  • Guillaume Trannoy (endpoint prototype)
  • Nicolas Aguirre (endpoint/APF protocol)
  • Nicolas Colombain (support)


  • Endpoint / controller communication (LS_Link)
  • Controller/controller/server communication (HS_Link)

1. LS_Link


A zigbee solution is foreseen for the wireless communication.
A presentation concerning Zigbee can be found here: [1] and here: [2]
This has to be evaluated.
In order to be able to benefit from the complete Zigbee services, two Microchip ICs will be used (PIC18Fxx and the MRF) as the Zigbee stack is provided for free [3].

MRF24J40 Transceiver [4]

Next steps:

  • 2 zigbee prototype boards with a PIC and the MRF. One will be used for the endpoint and the other will be connected to the APF through the RS232 (TTL) interface.
  • Specification of the communication protocol between the APF and the endpoint (datagram based ?). Evaluation of the actual solutions.
  • Development of a small application on the APF side to communicate with the zigbee board by using the communication protocol previously defined.
  • Test of the Zigbee stack provided by Microchip. A simple program has to be written. Default Microchip environment has to be used.


Wireless communication is the best way to connect Endpoints and controller. But sometimes wired connexion will be needed for direct or faster access. We could considerate RS485 connexion. With RS485 nom we can connect up to 32 controllers on one bus.

Next steps:

  • APF with RS485 transceiver with a PIC and the same transceiver.
  • Needs to connect APF to a RS485 bus : Linux driver development? UART driver ?
  • Schematics for connecting a pic to RS485 bus
  • Specification of the communication protocol between APF and endpoint. Application protocol can be shared with Zigbee high level protocol or, must we develop a new protocol ?
  • Development of a small application on the APF and on the PIC to test communication.

Endpoint prototype board

In order to develop and test endpoint protocols, a prototype board is under-development. This board must allow connections between boards, PC to proto-board and APF to proto-board.


  • Microcontroller PIC 18FXXX
  • Transceiver IEEE 802.15.4 (to implement the zigbee stack)
  • Transceiver RS232 (connection to APF or PC)
  • Transceiver RS485
  • Transceiver CAN
  • USB connectors (and adaptor USB-RS232 by a FTDI chip)
  • Buttons and LCD

=> Soon a description of the hardware would be available.


  • Stack Zibgbee
  • RS485 protocol library to develop
  • Empty main program
  • HID library (Human Interface Device)

2. HS_Link

This high level of the home automation allows transfer of large data packets like audio/video streams. It can be centralized by a main supervisor to configure more easily the whole network or access to other ways of communication like Internet or phone.


We need a good and fast connection between controller/supervisor. Ethernet connection has been chosen because it's compatible with routers and PC which will be used for interaction and access to Internet.


WIFI is a reliable wireless way of communication to high data rates. Multimedia controller will be able to proposed audio/video streams and phone communications thanks the WIFI.

End Point List

  • Temperature sensor
  • Humidity sensor
  • Rain sensor (difference with the previous one is maybe thin)
  • Pressure sensor
  • Movement detector
  • Light sensor
  • Noise sensor (child crying ?)
  • State actuator
  • On/Off button
  • graduator
  • "Fil Pilote" actuator (electric heating control)
  • Remote control

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