Driver for i.MX GPIO controlled keypads

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This driver is intended to control matrix keypads connected to i.MXL GPIOs (on APF9328). For APF27 please use the i.MX27 internal keypad controller.

The default keypad driver configuration supports 16 keys connected to the i.MXL CSI bus. The current development state of the driver is unfinished and not fully generic but you can easily extend the driver to support keypads up to 36 keys using the whole CSI bus.


If not already done in standard Armadeus rootfs:

 $ make linux-menuconfig
 Device Drivers  ---> Input device support  ---> [*]   Keyboards  ---> <*>   AT keyboard
 Device Drivers  ---> Armadeus specific drivers  ---> <M>   Armadeus Keypad driver


Reflash rootfs then:

 # modprobe imxkeypad
 Initializing Armadeus keypad driver
 input: imxkeypad as /class/input/input0