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Note Note: This article is only for apf9328 module board

This project is intented for people who are new to VHDL. Code for this design can be found on armadeus sourceforge GIT into firmware/leds/button_led/.

We will connect a switch and a led to the FPGA and use some VHDL code to toggle the led state each time the switch is pressed.

Some usefull informations:

The main FPGA page [1] of the armadeus wiki.

This document [2] gives a lot of usefull information on how to use ISE Webpack.

Page 9 of this document shows the devlight pinout matrix: [3]

Pages 28 and 29 of the APF datasheet shows the mapping of the devlight pinouts with the FPGA pinouts :[4]



Anatomy of the circuit

The led_top.vhd is a VHDL file where the components of the circuit are instantiated and connected between them.

The functional diagram of the circuit is :

Led top.png

Benoît Canet / benoit on #armadeus