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On this page, you will find all the informations needed to use the Linux FPGA loader driver. This driver allows you to load the FPGA of your APF board from Linux userspace/shell (ie FPGA reprogrammation after Linux boot).

Driver installation

Driver is installed in default Armadeus rootfs.

For the hackers, code is located in target/linux/modules/fpga/dev_tools/fpga_devtools/.

Driver usage

  • To upload a new firmware, use the small helper script that can do all the job for you (load driver and then firmware). Just call it with the bitfile (.rbf for APF6SP and .bin for the other boards) as parameter. For example:
 # load_fpga bramtest_top_apf.bin
  • For APF6_SP a periph.rbf must be loaded in U-Boot before, the core.rbf can then be loaded under linux with load_fpga:
 # load_fpga firmware.core.rbf
Note Note: On APF6_SP the command load_fpga work only throught PCIe, see PCIe fpga load to know how it works



  • Use binary format .bin, bitstream format .bit doesn't work.

All the troubleshots are handled by the /usr/bin/load_fpga utility, mentionned above.