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GPM stands for General Purpose Mouse server and is the mouse support for Linux on the console.


$ make menuconfig
Package Selection for the target  --->
    [*] Hardware handling  --->
        [*] gpm mouse server


  • Connect a USB mouse in one of the USB Host connectors. Let's suppose you have only one and so it will be referenced as "mouse0".
  • Launch GPM (will stay in background as daemon):
# gpm -m /dev/input/mouse0 -t imps2
  • If you need to stop it:
# gpm -k
  • Then you can at least do some cut & paste in the Framebuffer virtual terminals.
  • To have something more fancy, you can login in the Framebuffer terminal and then launch:
# gpm-root
  • then, if you press "Ctrl" key and one of the mouse buttons, you will have some menus displayed on your terminal. Configuration for these menus can be changed with /etc/gpm-root.conf.