How to use vanilla kernel on APF27

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By default, the stable kernel version generated by the armadeus BSP for APF27 is Migration toward mainline/vanilla kernel is in progress but not finished.

However some features like CAN or GPIOlib interrupts management are not available under this 2.6.29 version. This page will explain how to build and use a recent kernel with latest armadeus BSP on APF27, for people wanting more features than 2.6.29 can offer.

With recent kernels it is very important to know how to use kernel device tree mechanism !

mainline target

  • Get the latest armadeus BSP development version:
$ git clone git:// armadeus-head
  • Configure the BSP for "mainline" APF27:
$ cd armadeus-head
$ make apf27mainline_defconfig
  • Build the BSP:
$ make
  • Update your board (after having copied BSP generated images in your /tftpboot/):

First time you migrate from 2.6.29 to 3.1x+ only:

BIOS> run update_uboot; reset
BIOS> run flash_reset_env; reset

Each time you switch from to mainline:

BIOS> run update_dtb
BIOS> run update_kernel
BIOS> run update_rootfs

BIOS> setenv fdt_addr_r 0xa1000000
BIOS> setenv consoledev ttymxc0
BIOS> saveenv

  • With recent kernels, framebuffer can support multiple LCDs and so LCD you want to use must be passed as bootargs (like serial port). So you can do (for example):
BIOS> setenv extrabootargs video=imxfb:Chimei-LW700AT9003
BIOS> saveenv

Evolution of migration

See Kernel-upstream-status to know the status of kernel migration.