How to use vanilla kernel on APF28

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By default, the kernel for APF28 is the 2.6.35 version (from Freescale BSP). Migration to Mainline (3.1x+) is in progress but not finished, this article explains how to use (test) these kernels with latest armadeus master branch.

Mainline support is done with Device Tree.

Lazy guys instructions

  • Get the latest master version with command :
$ git clone git:// armadeus-master
  • Configure the view for APF28 "mainline" :
$ cd armadeus-master
$ make apf28mainline_defconfig
  • Update your board:
BIOS> run update_uboot; reset
BIOS> run flash_reset_env; reset
BIOS> setenv fdt_addr_r 41000000
BIOS> setenv consoledev ttyAMA0
BIOS> saveenv
BIOS> run update_dtb
BIOS> run update_kernel
BIOS> run update_rootfs

For the one who wants to know the details

  • Get the latest master branch version with command :
$ git clone git:// armadeus-master
  • Configure the view for APF28 :
$ cd armadeus-master
$ make apf28_defconfig
  • On menuconfig select :
Toolchain  --->
    Kernel Headers (Linux 2.6 (manually specified version))  --->
    (3.8) linux version
System configuration  --->
    (ttyAMA0) Port to run a getty (login prompt) on
Kernel  --->
    (3.8) Kernel version
    (40008000) load address (for 3.7+ multi-platform image)
    (../patches/linux/$(BR2_LINUX_KERNEL_VERSION)) Custom kernel patches
    (imx28-apf28dev) Device Tree Source file names
  • Then build :
$ make

U-Boot modification

  • Linux nand driver has changed on kernel 3.8, then U-Boot code must be modified to match it (maybe now no more needed, since 3.12 ??).
    • Edit file :
    • And change line 153:
#define CONFIG_MTDMAP			"gpmi-nand"
    • Then re-build U-Boot:
make uboot-dirclean; make uboot;
    • you will have to reflash U-Boot on your APF28 and probably cleanup your environment variables:
BIOS> run flash_reset_env
  • Serial port used for console has now a different name: ttyAMA0. So if you want to see something on your serial console please do the following before booting:
BIOS> setenv consoledev ttyAMA0
  • Kernel 3.8 use device tree, then this paramter must be set too:
BIOS> setenv fdt_addr_r 41000000
BIOS> saveenv
BIOS> run nfsboot
  • But nand boot work now, just don't forget to update the dtb (if you run update_all it's already done):
BIOS> run update_dtb
BIOS> boot

Which devices are supported ?


  1. SPI
  2. touchscreen