How to use vanilla kernel on APF51

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By default, the kernel for APF51 is old. Migration for the kernel upstream is in progress but not finished. This article explain how to use a recent kernel with latest armadeus trunk on APF51.

With recent kernel it is also important to know how to use kernel device tree

mainline target

  • Get the latest armadeus BSP version with:
$ git clone git:// armadeus-trunk
  • Configure it for APF51 "mainline":
$ cd armadeus-trunk
$ make apf51mainline_defconfig
  • Update your board:
BIOS> run update_uboot; reset
BIOS> run flash_reset_env; reset
BIOS> setenv fdt_addr_r 91000000
BIOS> saveenv
BIOS> run update_dtb
BIOS> run update_kernel
BIOS> run update_rootfs