IIO kernel driver model

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Industrial IO is a (relatively) new Linux driver model used to access ADC and DAC chip. This page aim to describe the interfaces and how to use it on APF*. The apf used for the experiments is APF6_SP.


Kernel configuration

  • Configure kernel with :
$ make linux-menuconfig
  • then select :
Device Drivers  --->
    <*> Industrial I/O support  --->
          --- Industrial I/O support
          [ ]   Enable buffer support within IIO (NEW)
          [ ]   Enable triggered sampling support (NEW)
                Accelerometers  --->
                Analog to digital converters  --->
                Amplifiers  --->
                Hid Sensor IIO Common  ----
                Digital to analog converters  --->
                Frequency Synthesizers DDS/PLL  --->
                Digital gyroscope sensors  --->
                Humidity sensors  --->
                Inertial measurement units  --->
                Light sensors  --->
                Magnetometer sensors  --->
                Inclinometer sensors  ----
                Pressure sensors  --->
                Lightning sensors  --->
                Temperature sensors  --->