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SSI test tool, used for audio development purposes on APF9328 and APF27


$ make menuconfig
Package Selection for the target  --->
    Armadeus specific tools/utilities  --->
        [*] imxssi


  • Requirements:

TSC210x mclk: 16MHZ
FS rate: 32KHz

  • U-Boot: Enable i.MX register access from user space in U-Boot:
 BIOS> run unlock_regs
  • Linux: Load tsc driver
 # modprobe tsc2102
  • imxssi can generate an audio signal. Just use it that way:
 # imxssi [-t type] [-l level] [-s samples] [--loop]
  • type can be 0: triangular signal or 1: sinusoïdal signal
  • samples: period of the signal in number of samples per channel
  • level: Signal level coefficient [0.0 .. 1.0]

For example to produce a 300Hz 5v(pk-pk) sinusoid:

 # imxssi -t 1 -s 50 -l 0.15
  • next step: dma transfer

Dump SSI registers

imxregs SCR_1
imxregs SISR_1
imxregs SIER_1
imxregs STCR_1
imxregs SRCR_1
imxregs STCCR_1
imxregs SRCCR_1
imxregs SFCSR_1