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On this page, you will find all the informations needed to compile, install & use LCD4linux on Armadeus board.

Compilation & installation

Manually: Go in software/target/package/lcd4linux directory and update your local SVN repository:

svn update

Then, compile the beast:

make lcd4linux

This will install 2 files in your /local/export/: lcd4linux executable and lcd4linux.conf Launch your target, mount NFS and copy lcd4linux in /usr/bin of you target and lcd4linux.conf in /etc Change acces rights for lcd4linux.conf:

# chmod 600 /etc/lcd4linux.conf

Automatically: in buidlroot do a:

make menuconfig

and in package selection, choose LCD4Linux. Relaunch buildroot compilation and install generated rootfs on your target.


  • LCD4linux needs GPIO & // port emulation drivers to be loaded first. So, please refer to GPIO Driver page (you need to have gpio.ko & ppdev.ko modules loaded).

Be sure to have a /dev/parport/0 node. (automatically created when your run script)

  • a configuration file (/etc/lcd4linux) is also needed to configure layout and widget, so if you want to change these parameters, this is the place to look at
  • LCD4linux is then easily launched:
# /usr/bin/lcd4linux

It automatically daemonizes itself.