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Using apf27 for a custom hobbyist project is very expensive. Because it's necessary to buy a big and expensive extension card named APF27-dev (152€ min) with the base module apf27 (127€ min), very few hobbyist use it.

The aim of this project is to make a little PCB with minimum extension devices to have an extension card that cost 50€ max. The apf27dev PCB design will be reused; surface will be divided by 2 to speed development.


Maximum of I/Os and ports must be available on light-apf27dev :

  • 1 USB OTG (Only host ar real OTG TBD)
  • 1 ethernet

Header that correspond on apf27Dev to :

  • Wireless connector J8 and J9
  • FPGA connector J19 and J20
  • User extension interface J22

Necessary devices:

  • 1 power circuit
  • 1 reset button
  • 3-pin header for debug uart

And maybe but not sure:

  • SD connector
  • second USB host