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On this page we will explain you how to change the Boot Logo/Screen of Linux.

By default the following screen is displayed on your LCD:

Default Boot.png

Create an image to suitable format (C include file)

  1. create a new image fitting the size of your LCD (320x240, 480x272 or 800x480), with The Gimp (for example).
  2. save it in PPM RAW file format, let's say my_boot_logo.ppm
  3. install Netpbm package:
    $ sudo apt-get install netpbm 
  4. reduce the number of colors in your image to 224:
    $ ppmquant 224 my_boot_logo.ppm > my_boot_logo_224.ppm
  5. convert it to PPM ASCII format (if pnmnoraw is not available on your distribution (ex: LUbuntu 17.10), try with pnmtoplainpnm):
    $ pnmnoraw my_boot_logo_224.ppm > my_boot_logo_ascii_224.ppm
  6. get the armadeus envt variables:
    $ make shell_env && source
  7. copy the PPM to $ARMADEUS_LINUX_DIR/drivers/video/logo/ directory with a name ending with _clut224.ppm:
    $ cp my_boot_logo_ascii_224.ppm $ARMADEUS_LINUX_DIR/drivers/video/logo/logo_custom_clut224.ppm
  8. Linux will automatically convert your .ppm to a .c file, after you have added it to the build system, using the $ARMADEUS_LINUX_DIR/scripts/pnmtologo script. This is the purpose of the next step.

Add your file to Linux build system

  1. If you have overwritten $ARMADEUS_LINUX_DIR/drivers/video/logo/logo_armadeus_clut224.ppm with your own logo at the previous stage, then you can jump to the next step; otherwise:
  2. Edit $ARMADEUS_LINUX_DIR/drivers/video/logo/Makefile
  3. Put it your logo file name at line 18 (replace current one):
     obj-$(CONFIG_LOGO_ARMADEUS_CLUT224)     += logo_custom_clut224.o
  4. Edit $ARMADEUS_LINUX_DIR/drivers/video/logo/logo.c
  5. Add it your logo C struct name at line 39:
    extern const struct linux_logo logo_custom_clut224;
  6. Put it your logo C struct name at line 122 (replace current one):
    /* Armadeus Linux logo */
    logo = &logo_custom_clut224;

Recompile & install kernel

  • Make sure that the "Armadeus Logo" option is selected in:
$ make linux-menuconfig
Device Drivers  --->
    Graphics support  --->
        [*] Bootup logo  --->
            [*]   224-color Armadeus Linux logo
  • Then recompile your kernel:
 $ make linux

and install it on your board.

  • Restart your board and you should see your image:

Custom Boot Logo with login.png

Remove Login from framebuffer terminal

  1. On your target, edit /etc/inittab
  2. Comment line 28:
    #tty1::respawn:/sbin/getty 38400 tty1
  3. save it and restart your system

Deactivate remaining cursor

It may be a remaining cursor at the left upper corner of the screen. Indeed virtual console cursor is activated by default in Linux. To deactivate it at boot stage, you will have to:

  • on recent kernels (3.8+), follow tips here
  • otherwise:
  1. Edit source file $ARMADEUS_LINUX_KERNEL/drivers/char/vt.c
  2. Near line 1620, in function reset_terminal(), change
    vc->vc_deccm		= 1;
    vc->vc_deccm		= 0;
  3. recompile and reflash your kernel

After this modification, at any moment, you can get your blinking cursor back with:

# echo -e '\033[?25h' > /dev/tty1
# echo 1 > /sys/class/graphics/fbcon/cursor_blink