Linux driver for FPGA controlled keyboards

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This driver is intented to control FPGA IPs connected to numerous hardware keyboards like:

  • PS/2
  • Home made matrix keyboards

The driver is currently named apf9328ps2 but this will be changed soon (or later ;-) ) to reflect its generic capability. Indeed all specific logic is done in the FPGA IP and the exported interface can be standardized.


Now installed by default for APF9328 rootfs (since armadeus-3.0). Not supported on APF27 yet.


 # modprobe apf9328ps2
 input: AT Raw Set 2 keyboard as /class/input/input0
 Armadeus PS/2: APF9328KBD AT adapter OK!
  • If you have a graphical LCD connected to your board (= virtual terminal), then you should see what you type.
  • If you don't have any virtual terminal, but only the serial console, you can do a quick test with:
 # cat /dev/input/event0

Then you should see weirds characters when pressing the keyboard keys:

 �,~~_�,}�}�3T,QToT6,TT�,�;��, � �


  • To change keyboard keymap (by default qwerty one):
 # loadkmap < /etc/i18n/fr.kmap