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On this page you will learn how to create your first Lua script for your Armadeus board. Lua.png


Lua interpreter is not installed in the default rootfs. Lua version installed by Buildroot is 5.1.2.

  • Launch Buildroot's menuconfig:
armadeus$ make menuconfig
  • In

Menuconfig package.png
Menuconfig package scripting.png
Menuconfig package lua.png

  • choosing Lua package automatically selects readline and ncurses one
  • then save your configuration and build your system:
armadeus$ make

Source code

First take your favorite editor/IDE and create the following script:

print "Hello from APF ! Today it's:"

Save it as example.lua


Not needed. Transforming Lua scripts in "executables" with Luac hasn't been tested yet.


  • Copy your example.lua script to your APF9328 board through your NFS export directory or your MMC/SD
  • then on your APF console, launch it:
 # lua example.lua
 Hello from APF ! Today it's:
 Thu Jun  6 21:57:17 2007

Now it's up to you ! ;-)