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This 2 channels 10bits SPI DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) is mounted on the APF51Dev development boards.


On your APF51Dev there are 2 signals to use:

  • DAC_OUTA: corresponds to OUTA (pin 1 of J5 on the APF51Dev). It's the first output.
  • DAC_OUTB: corresponds to OUTB (pin 3 of J5 on the APF51Dev). It's the 2nd output.

The default output voltage range is [0-2.5V] on the APF51Dev (because the 2,5V reference output of the AS1531 is used as reference input for the MCP4912).


The driver is included in the ARMadeus distribution, and has to be selected (done by default on APF51):

$ make linux-menuconfig
Device Drivers  --->
    <*> Staging drivers  --->
        <*> Industrial I/O support  --->
            <M> Microchip MCP4902, MCP4912, MCP4922 driver

Then compile the distribution :

$ make linux && make

Use it

Load driver

To use the DAC first load module:

# modprobe mcp49x2

Set channel values

# cd /sys/bus/spi/devices/spi0.1/device0
# ls
dac_power_mode_0     dac_trigger_1     power
dac_power_mode_1     out0_raw          subsystem
dac_trigger_0        out1_raw          uevent

To set the DAC A channel value to 2.48V (max range) :

# echo 1023 > out0_raw

To set the DAC B channel value to 1V :

# echo 412 > out1_raw

Synchronize channels update

To have both channels output updated simultaneously (value 2V) when setting the DAC B channel  :

# echo 0 > dac_trigger_0
# echo 1 > dac_trigger_1
# echo 825 > out0_raw
# echo 825 > out1_raw